Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bangkong Kahoy Valley Eco-Tours and Resort, Dolores Quezon: A Paradise hours-away from the Metro

Bangkong Kahoy (BK) Valley Eco-Tours and Resort in Dolores, Quezon is just hours away from Manila. How to get there? You drive towards Lucena. After the Ambray School, you will see a small sign on the left that says ‘To Dolores-Bato Springs’. Take that road all the way to the end then ask the locals how to get to Kinabuhayan.

If you’re commuting, there are buses passing by Dolores, Quezon. Common drop off point is Dolores Church. From there, you can always ask around and you will be gladly helped by the locals.

From Kinabuhayan, you have three options: to trek 2.5 km. to BK Valley or be picked up by the resort’s Hummer (they now have two!!!), the old one (in pic) was repainted. OR (but I wouldn’t suggest this unless yours is 4WD), you can use your own wheels but make sure it can take the terrain going to BK Valley.

The BK Valley and Eco-Tours Resort Hummer (service vehicle)

The terrain to BK Valley 

A view on the way to BK Valley Resort 

Why Bangkong Kahoy?

When we reached BK Valley Resort, I saw a lot of bangkong kahoy (wooden benches) and like a child so excited with the discovery I exclaimed, “Aha, now I know why the place is called Bangkong Kahoy. Kasi madaming…”. I was suppose to finish it with “…madaming upuang kahoy”, but Mr. Dion Pullan, the owner, cut my sentence and said, "BK is named after the live tree trunks and branches shaped like a bench (bangko) that strives and which can still be seen in Sitio Mt. Banahaw." Now we know! :-)

The Paradise

While mine is only a day experience, I was in awe with the beauty I have seen—absolutely breathtaking! With a minimal entrance fee of P50/pax, BK experience is truly a MUST to those who love adventure and nature.
I’m at a loss for words on how to describe BK so I just borrowed these words from the resort’s multiply account: To quote:
“BK Valley sits between the mythical mountains of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal. Sunrise and sunset are hardly visible but the glow of the sun illumines the many faces of the two mountains from the early misty morning to cool evening. The Movement of the clouds and the mantle of fog are like curtains constantly being drawn and withdrawn to show the many shades of the thick foliage and the lines formed by the tree trunks and the branches that go in different directions. Oh, how magnificent are the works of the Master creator!…(

Mt. Banahaw at my back

Mt. Cristobal as my backdrop

Part of the resort's lawn

When in BK Valley, you can choose to be accommodated in a cottage, or stay at their hotel with rooms comparable to high end hotels in the city,  (A room for four is @P6,000 each), or rent the house that is being offered to guests (to those who wants to stay there in luxury), and lastly, you can just pitch in your tent. 

The cottage which can accommodate 4pax has two matrimonial beds– 1 in the living room; the other is in the warehouse-like portion of the cottage.

BK has wide camping area, a basketball and tennis court.

For the adventurous, they have zipline @ P100/ride and horseback riding@ P50/ride. (affordable :-)) Update as of September 18, 2014, they now have ATVs.

BK Valley Resort serves home-cooked meals that are all organic. They also have a coffee shop and an Honesty Store. :-)

Mr. Dion Pullan, BK Valley Resort owner, picking Linote fruits for the guests 

If you want a place to retreat, meditate, bird watch (as per Sir Dion), or simply hang out and relax, BK is sure best for you. :-)


  1. how long will it take if we came from san jose del monte bulacan?

  2. hi there.. depends on the traffic. usually it takes 2-3 hrs travel time from san jose del monte to quezon city. then another 2-3 hours from qc to dolores, quezon.

  3. do I need to book prior to going there? If yes, how can I contact them?

  4. kindly check this link for the contacts po...